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You’re going to need to have a laptop with a separate mouse and external hard drive for editing.

Photo Editing Software

The defacto standard for serious image editing is Adobe Photoshop, an expensive application with a steep learning curve (now subscription based software).  There are other options with the new contender being Serif Affinity Photo as well as free open source options like GIMP.  Cataloging your images requires the use of Adobe Lightroom, Phase One Capture One or Photo Mechanic as it’s critical to the initial editing process, being able to sort and tag your images with important information, make basic adjustments, etc.  These applications are able to handle RAW as well as in camera jpg image files, an important consideration as you have a lot more flexibility in pulling the very best out of your images.  These applications allow you to then export out your final selects in files formats supported by your video editing application of choice.  More advance image manipulation requires using more advanced tools.  If you’re at that level, you understand the cost and learning curve involved for Adobe Photoshop.  It’s my opinion that using Adobe Photoshop Elements is more than adequate for doing any fine tuning of images to prepare for inclusion into your project and the price is quite reasonable.

Audio Editing Software

This is pretty much going to be up to you based upon whether you work on a Windows or Apple laptop.

For Windows, I recommend the following:

Apple users I recommend the following:

A free, open source option is to download Audacity, a freeware audio editing application available with basic functionality that might meet your needs based upon what they are.

Video Editing Software

This is where the rubber meets the road.  You need to be able to bring your images and audio content together to present your story.  There are those who have recommended using Soundslides, but the issue we now face in the 21st century is Flash based content is not available to ipad and iphone users, and mobile content is growing on a daily basis.  Why preclude those users from viewing your content?  As such, we need to look at video editing applications that can provide a way to export out your content in a cross platform format to online platforms like Vimeo & YouTube.

For Apple users, the options are:

For Windows users, the options I recommend are as follows: