What’s the premise of these workshops?

I’ve been a photojournalist for 30+ years and added the use of video and audio in 2007.  The information presented in these workshops is targeted to that style of production by combining still images and combining them with audio you record and assemble in your preferred editing application.  These workshops are designed to prepare you to become a better storyteller and that is the foundation of the workshops.

What equipment & software do I need to bring to the Multimedia Storytelling workshop?

Your camera(s) and lenses, memory cards for your camera, charged camera batteries and a digital audio recorder. You’ll find you’ll be shooting a range of super wide angle to medium telephoto during the workshop. You’ll also need to bring your laptop as well so you can edit your project.

For software, you’ll need to have a copy of either Adobe Lightroom,  Apple Aperture or other similar software to sort/edit your stills. To assemble your story, I recommend using your choice of video editing software to create your finished presentations.  Although you’re not shooting video in the Audio Slideshows workshop, the use of a video editing application will provide a greater level of control in the post production process and will prepare you for when you begin incorporating video into your projects later on. The use of audio editing software is also required to help clean up your audio and prep it for bringing into your timeline of your video editing software.  If you need help with choosing software, contact me and I’ll provide my recommendations based upon your budget and needs.

Know Your Software In Advance

The workshop isn’t meant to teach any one specific software application to learn all the skills necessary to produce audio slideshows (or the video component) in the time allotted. The focus is to discussing editorial approaches to creating compelling multimedia storytelling projects.

It’s my hope that after the conclusion of the workshops each participant will come away feeling inspired and thinking differently about the way they approach their work. As such, there is a limited amount of time that can be spent teaching software. The basics are pretty much the same across software applications and can/should be learned in advance. I strongly advise attendees to learn on their own the basics of audio editing and how their video editing application works before attending the workshop.

Do you offer refunds in case I have to cancel?

I don’t offer refunds on workshop registrations. I’ll credit you the full amount you have paid to be applied to any future workshop. You may independently sell your spot to someone else. Email me to find out if there is a waiting list and I may be able to connect you to someone who will buy your spot.