Multimedia Storytelling with Audio Slideshows

Learn the foundations of multimedia storytelling combining still images and audio in this three day workshop.

  • When: TBA
  • Where: Eugene, Oregon
  • Price: $495.00
Multimedia Storytelling with Audio Slideshows
Multimedia Storytelling with Audio Slideshows
Multimedia Storytelling with Audio Slideshows

Features & Info


You'll learn what's required to bring an audio narrative and ambient audio to your photo story to provide a more engaging, richer multimedia storytelling experience for your viewers. You'll also learn how to effectively produce your story for online distribution.


To provide participants with the practical knowledge needed to produce photofilms (multimedia features) that engage the viewer through high levels of production values and interesting story topics.

Skills Taught
  • How to grab the attention of an audience with your story

  • Recording audio

  • New approaches to shooting for audio slideshows

  • Why shooting images and audio needs to be done separately

  • Interview skills

  • Introduction to audio editing

  • Overview of multitrack editing

The General Production Process

You'll be provided with a list of topics to base your workshop project on. You'll research your story before attending the workshop. Once we go through some of the initial class room course work, you'll head out to produce your assignment, shooting the story, recording the audio narrative and ambient audio as the components to produce your project.

Once you've finished shooting images and recording your audio, you'll come back and edit your piece to no more than a three minute finished project. We'll review each finished story as a group and I'll provide my insights into how each participant did in telling their subjects story.

The Assignment

The assignment production requires the combination of stills and audio to assemble in post to tell your subjects story. Shooting a variety and sufficient quantity of still images that provides a visual context and combining them with compelling audio narrative and ambient audio you capture is critical to the success of telling your subjects story in a compelling way.

During production, you'll be in a real world scenario as a self contained multimedia storyteller, having to manage all aspects of shooting stills and managing audio correctly in order to produce your story. Once you've finished the production aspect of your assignment, you'll come back and apply what you learned in the classroom setting for managing your still images and audio in post. The finished piece is to be no more than three minutes in length.

We'll review as a group each finished story and I'll provide my insights into how each participant did in telling their subjects story. This will be a constructive critique of each participants project.

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Example Audio Slideshow

In addition to your photo equipment, you'll need to bring a digital audio recorder capable of doing interviews and capturing additional audio to give a sense of ambiance to your story. You'll also need to provide your own laptop computer and means of ingesting your images and audio into your computer to assemble your story. The choice of platform is agnostic. There's no preference for Windows or Apple based platforms/software so it is imperative you learn the basics of the software you will be using beforehand. The primary focus here is the process of how to tell a compelling story of your subject.