Audio Slideshows + Video Interviews

Take your multimedia storytelling to the next level by incorporating interview videos to enhance your multimedia storytelling. This more advanced workshop shows you how. This workshop caters to still photographers wishing to incorporate moving images to their skill set.

  • When: TBA
  • Where: Eugene, OR
  • Price: $895.00
Audio Slideshows + Video Interviews
Audio Slideshows + Video Interviews
Audio Slideshows + Video Interviews

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Building upon the basics of how to bring an audio only narrative to your photo story utilizing still images, this workshop adds the video interview component to add richer, more compelling and diverse content to your multimedia projects.

After reviewing the base Multimedia Storytelling workshop skills, we'll move to the shooting of interview videos and incorporating it into your story.

The Process

Utilizing the base equipment from the Multimedia Storytelling Workshop, we'll discuss what additional equipment to use with video and why.

Topics of lighting, additional audio equipment, LCD viewfinders for DSLR, etc will be covered. We will then move to interview techniques. How to interview effectively, how to ask questions that will provide solid responses to incorporate into your project. Managing dual sync audio and why audio is critical at this juncture when shooting video.

The Assignment

The assignment requires you to shoot the story using a combination of video, stills and audio to assemble in post to tell your subjects story. Shooting video interview content is a part of the assignment that can provide a more compelling piece to show compared to just shooting stills and combining them with audio.

During production, you'll be in a real world scenario as a self contained multimedia storyteller, having to manage all aspects of shooting both stills and video, managing audio correctly in order to produce effective dual sync audio from your DSLR video footage. Once you've finished the production aspect of your assignment, you'll come back and apply what you learned in the classroom setting for managing the video and audio in post in addition to combining your still images accordingly. The finished piece is to be no more than five minute in length combining all three mediums to tell your subjects story effectively.

We'll review as a group each finished story and I'll give my insights into how each participant did in telling their subjects story. This will be a constructive critique of each participants project.

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You will need to have the recommended video editing software. I'll discuss the pros and cons of dual sync audio using Red Giants PluralEyes in post. If you have any questions, please contact me for details.